Graphic Designer Price List


This was good for a giggle


Beyond Beige, Brown & Black: Garrett Leather Pushes the Upholstery Envelope

Garrett Leather NeoCon 2015

A great write-up about Garrett Leather’s booth at NeoCon. So happy to have designed the booth.

NeoCon 2015

I am very excited about this years NeoCon. As usual I’ve done the design work, but this year I get to see it in person! I created the hide layout in the background, chose the leather colors on the top and sides of the bar, and designed the runner that is in front of the bar.

From Black and White to Color

These re-touched photographs are amazing. My home town of Saratoga Springs is feature among them!

Toner Fail

I saw this photo today and nearly choked on my lunch. I’ve spilled toner before, but not like this.

Ride for Roswell Success!

I’ve done it! I’ve become an Extra Mile Club member by raising $1,000+ for Ride for Roswell! I’m very excited and thankful for everyone that helped me with this achievement! I’m all for finding a cure for cancer.

Attempting Amigurumi

Two firsts for me: crocheting a 3D form and changing color. #crochet #amigurumi

Budding Artist

My son is quite the artist already. Definitely takes after Mommy in the art department!

Sheep Invasion

It’s a sheep invasion! They won’t let me leave until my work is complete. Or nap.

Adventures in Crochet

My second attempt at crocheting and I’m already using three yarns. What was I thinking?! #crochet

Neil Harbisson

“It’s completely false that we are black and white. We are all orange.”

Work Assistant

I love when I get visitors at work, especially the baby kind.

Neil Harbisson Keynote

The keynote speaker at the Color Marketing Group International Summit was Neil Harbisson. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to his talk. What an amazing person. The work he does with sound and color is mind blowing.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing

“…researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.”

Happy Halloween!

Ice Bucket Challenge

Family Halloween

Russian Nesting Dolls

Free Little Library

This is a fantastic idea. I want to create and design my own free little library!

Pantone Easter

Is it nerdy that I REALLY want to do this to my eggs???

Client Comment Posters

These posters are well designed… too bad the inspiration is not as fun. :p

Puuurfect Strangers

My brother is acquiring my parents cat while they are away in Florida. What better reason to photoshop a cat’s head onto Balki?